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So much more than just a logo

A logo is really just a picture or letters. what is so much more important is whether your publics understand what the substance is behind the pretty picture. Do people know what your value proposition is? Do they know WII-FM (what’s in it for me)? What are the core values as an organization? Is any of this being communicated with your logo and promo materials tincluding your Web presence)?

I am encountering so many people and departments in higher education who think that all their success depends on their ability to have their own logo and graphic identity–specifically one that is separate and distinct from the university’s marks and identity. Putting a new pretty picture (logo) on coffee mugs, polos and memo pads is NOT going to cause your team to work in a cohesive fashion to serve customers. It is NOT going to magically welcome your target audience through your doors and want to use your services. It is NOT going to differentiate you and communicate your value proposition.

How are your working to build relationships? How are you engaging your audiences in meaningful conversations? Are you telling the stories of success often and everywhere? Are you findable in the communication spaces where your publics are spending time? Are you able to articulate your value proposition?

Jumbled LettersIf you can answer or address those questions, then jumping right to creating a logo and doing what people think is “branding” themselves will only serve to dilute the overall university brand and allow people to continue to ignore the important business questions.

I guess this happens because it’s easier to draw a pretty picture than tackle the tougher questions.


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