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Coloring Outside the Lines

There are some times we need to color in the lines, and sometimes it is acceptable to color outside the lines. This morning, I saw an example of where we sometimes just need to pay attention to solid white line. As I merged into an exit lane to get on the highway, I realized in this situation there is an extended white line for a reason – to allow semis to enter the highway gracefully. Ninety percent of people cut quickly over the solid white line, so I’ve made it a habit to follow the rules, color within the lines, and wait to transition until the solid white line becomes a broken white line.  Just a personal pet peeve of mine. However, there are times that we should push the boundaries, cross the solid line, and color outside the lines.

So I ask you, what are you doing in your marketing strategy to color outside the lines?  Are you challenging the old perception of how things should be done?  Are you incorporating new social media strategies into your plan, perhaps without asking permission? Are you testing and showing ROI before trying to convince the world that new social media technologies are useful tools? How are you coloring outside the lines?

Or, who are you allowing to stay in their safe zone by not pushing boundaries, not coloring outside the lines, not transitioning onto the exit ramp at a different place, a different speed, with a new, different vehicle? Start coloring outside the lines (in the right places, of course!) today!


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